Jar Browser


The Jar Browser is a simple Swing app for browsing a set of jar files.

Jar Browser is great for:


Future Enhancements


Version 1.0 just released supporting in place class decompilation.

Download the latest release here.


Download jarbrowser.jar. It is an executable jar file, so just run:

    java -jar jarbrowser.jar

You should probably use jdk 1.3 or later. I developed with 1.4.0.

At the top, enter or browse to a root directory containing your jar files.
Now press the Scan button. The Jar Catalog tab shows the list of
jars found in the selected directory tree.

Click the CLASSPATH tab to show the jars on the CLASSPATH variable
when you ran Jar Browser. Note that you could call Jar Browser from
your own program just by calling its Main function.

To search for a class:

    Type the name of the class, or some part of it, into the Search box and press Enter.

To decompile a class:

    You must have the jad.exe executable on your system PATH. Just double-click on
    a .class file and a new tab will be opened with the java source. You can do a text
    search using the Search box on that tab.



Jar Browser was created by Scott Persinger.

Thanks to the following for supporting this project: